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American Women

Are we biased?

I suppose so. But consider this: Which of the pictures on this page would not be seen as inspiring examples of female empowerment by at least 90% of the American women you know?

Maybe you have a pair made of solid steel, and you dont care. But if this isnt what you want to cuddle up to for the rest of your life, please consider our alternative.




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We are not saying that there aren't any good American women out there,but there seem to be fewer and fewer of them and by the time they reach the age of 30 most of those are gone.Here are some of things I have heard from men contacting us about our Thai marriage tours.See if any of them ring a bell with you.--------- ***Most American women I meet quickly steer the conversation to--What I do for a living,what kind of car I drive, do I own my own home,etc.I keep getting the feeling that they are checking out my net worth to see if I am worth talking to any further.I'm tired of these materialistic American Women. ***When I am looking for a women in her 30s,just about every women I meet has 2 or 3 children,or has some severe character flaws,or both. ***My demanding bitch of a wife divorced me and with the help of her lawyer took just about everything I owned. ***I'm a decent hard working guy who always treated my wife lovingly only to find out she had been cheating on me with an unemployed bum for quite a while. ***I feel that as a male I should be the head of the household and I am tired of meeting women who seem to feel they should be the dominating force in a marriage. ***I have a good paying job,but somehow my wife seemed to always spend more than what I made.So I got a second job in order to catch up with our bills,but she just ended up spending even more money,she had 24 pair of shoes alone.It finally dawned on me that the only way out was a divorce,which is what I did.I'm sure that she does not miss me,but she does miss all her credit cards which I promptly cancelled. ***When I married my wife she was a sexy good looking women.Now about 3 years later she has gained about 65 lbs.and now she does not do much more than sit in front of the tv stuffing her fat face. ***Before I got married my wife to be and I had great sex,but shortly after we got married things changed drasticly.She started to use sex as a tool-"You've been a good boy,I think I'll let you have some"or "you've made me mad (and believe me she got mad at the slightest little thing),you aren't getting any for a week". ***I myself have had my share of bad experiences with American women.Here is just one example when I was young and naive---I proposed marriage to a women who I thought I was madly in love with.She accepted,but with the condition that I get her an engagement ring with an at least 2 carat diamond,even though she knew that at that time I could not afford a ring of that size.She said that she that she did not want to have to show her friends a little dinky 1 carat diamond ring.This should have set off all sorts of alarm bells in my head,but I was in love and went into hock buying a 2.1 carat diamond ring.Pretty soon after that her real greedy,demanding,conniving,bitchy personality came out.I knew that if I called the engagement off,or even if she called the engagement off,she had no intentions of giving me the engagement ring back.So in order to get it back I told her I had found a much nicer 3.5 carat diamond and needed the ring back in order to replace the stone.I saw her greedy little eyes light up as she gave me back the ring.A day later I told her the engagement was off.She was furious and even went as far as going to the police file theft charges against me,but they refused to accept the charges.A lesson learned by me. ***I believe that society and it's values have helped some of the American monster women we now have to deal with.Thank goodness there are THAI women.


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