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Marriage Questions

*** How long will it take from the time I start my fiancee visa application until I am able to bring my fiancee over to this country?

The time it takes to obtain a fiancee visa is not always the same
depending on which country she is coming from and also how great a risk homeland security deems that country to be.

England=3 months.
Thailand=4 months.
Philippines=6 months.
Russia=12 months.
China=15 months.

*** Can I bring my girlfriend over on a tourist visa?

From a third world country it is next to impossible to bring over a person on a tourist visa. Here is what the US Embassy wants in order to grant a tourist visa from a third world country----that the person own their own business or have a very good job.That the person has a sizeable bank account accumulated over a prolonged period of time. That they own property in their own name.That they have previously have traveled to a none third world country before and then after all that just MAYBE they would grant them a tourist visa to come to the US.

*** Should I get a prenuptial agreement?

I would say that a girl from Thailand is the least likely you would ever need to use a prenuptial for,but it is never a bad idea. BUT if you want to use a prenup it MUST be translated into her native language and explained to her or it will not hold up in court later,as she can always claim that she can not read English and thought she was signing some other document needed for her marriage.

*** Question--What type of visa should I apply for when trying to bring my girl back from Thailand?
You really only have 2 options-a spousal visa which means that you married your girl over there and are bringing your wife back to the USA or a fiancee visa which means you are bringing your girl over here to marry her.By far the best way to go is the fiancee visa.One-getting the fiancee visa is a bit quicker than the spousal visa.Two-The fiancee visa allows you up to 90 days until you have to be married. Just in case things do not work out at least you do not have to then obtain a divorce with a fiancee visa and it allows you more time.

*** I am writing to a girl in Cebu in the Philippines.Why don't you
run marriage tours to the Philippines?

Ah yes Cebu in the Philippines.Probably every single and probably some married,not counting guys using girls photos to get money,women in Cebu is in one or more pen pal books,web sites,etc.

The good part about the Philippines is that most women can speak,read and write English,but everything after that is a BIG minus:

1.First of all it is illegal in the Philippines to run marriage tours to their country and on occasion they have arrested and jailed the tour operator of a marriage tour (I know of one who was sentenced to 7 years in jail after waiting in jail for almost 2 years to go to trial) and have jailed a few of the tour members as material witnesses.

2.There is such an overwhelming desire to come to America in the Philippines that it becomes very hard to judge their sincerity. They will tell you anything to get over here and then it is not unheard of that they go underground on you soon after they get here or stay married to you for two years and then get a divorce and are able to stay here as legal residents.

3.Most Filipinas are fairly religious Catholic or Church of Christ members and if you do not practice their faith it becomes a problem.

4.No matter how humble their background in the Philippines they have sort of matriarchal society at home and you will find that your Philippine wife becomes very bossy at home and you might have to explain things to her like why you arrived home from work 20 minutes
late, etc.etc.etc.

5.You will find that your Filipina wife will leave you no peace until you try to bring over every living relative they have-parents,brothers, sisters,aunts and uncles,etc.

6.Not scientific,but probably accurate,I would say that no more than 45-50% of US Filipina marriage are successful at best. We feel that places like-the Philippines,Russia, the Ukraine,Columbia are NOT good places to find a wife.

In turn in Thailand (again not scientific but probably accurate) the US-Thai divorce rate is about 10-15%.

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