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Questions About Our Tours

*** Why should I take your Nightlife tour? cant I save money by going on my own?
There are so many reasons why you should go with us with 18 years of experience rather than trying to go it on your own. From the moment you arrive at the airport on up if you don't know what you are doing you are likely to get over charged and ripped off. The choice of hotel in Bangkok alone can make or break your entire experience depending on hotel location and guest policies. When taken around Bangkok you will be steered to the expensive tourist trap type of places and will in all likelihood miss most of the good stuff and pay way to much for everything.  Not to mention the camaraderie that comes with our small Group Tours, Our excellent tour guides, etc. etc.  In all likelihood you would not save money and you will have a MUCH, MUCH BETTER time with us.

*** Do your tour guides speak good English?
Yes-In Thailand both our Thai female tour guides and our British tour guide speak very good English. Well maybe all except the Brit. In the Philippines our tour guide is an American. In Cambodia our tour guide is an American who also speaks Vietnamese and Chinese. All our guides are excellent and have worked for us for 7--15 years now.

*** What does "Land-Only" on your rate schedule mean?
It means that you will be providing your own airline ticket and are taking only our Land portion of the tour.

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