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Thailand Questions

*** What If I Don't Like Spicy Food?

Thai food is world renowned.  But you will also find Burger King, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Shakey's Pizza and German Restaurants. All of these types of foods are located very close to your Hotel. However, I recommend that you try some Thai food. It's quite good, but you might want to stay away from the real spicy soups and food. Some of those could make a Mexican cry. All the hotels serve American breakfasts. 

*** What is the weather like?

It's tropical.  The hottest month is May.  The coolest month is November.  There is not that much difference between the hottest and coolest month, maybe 15 degrees F. It is pretty hot all year round.  The months with the most rain are July, August and September, but no matter when you go, you'll have a good time.
*** Is electronics and other shopping a good buy over there?

Electronics are not a good buy in Thailand, but many other things like--custom tailored shirts, suits, custom made shoes, boots, jackets, etc .are. Also,  many handicrafts as well as inexpensive jewelry are also a great deal. If you get into more expensive jewelry it is a MUST that you be a real expert in stones. .If you are not you should not buy expensive jewelry.

***  I have heard about the fabled Thai sticks are they easy to get in Thailand?

Yes they would probably not be to hard to get, but DO NOT. The same vendor who sells you the Marijuana might well then also turn you in to the police and get a reward. Possession of even a small amount of Marijuana will cost you either a huge police bribe or a 2 year jail sentence. A pound or more marijuana will get you a 20 year to life sentence. In 18 years of operating our tours no tour member has ever run afoul of the police and we would not want you to be the first.

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