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What You Will Need

*** Do I need a passport?
Yes and it needs to be valid for at least 6 more months from the time you enter the country.
*** Do I need a visa in advance?
No. In Thailand you get a 30 day tourist visa upon arrival in Bangkok, free of charge In the Philippines you get a 21 day tourist visa free of charge upon arrival in Manila In Cambodia you get a 14 day tourist visa upon arrival in Phnom Penh. There is a $20.charge and you will also need a small head shot photo.
*** Will my electronics work over there?
No, they work with 220 electricity, you will need a voltage converter, which you can cheaply purchase at Radio Shack.
*** How much should I allow myself for a tour budget while over there?
For food, night-life, misc. transport, etc. you should allow yourself a budget of about US $140 per day for Thailand tours, Cambodia and Philippines budget of $100.00 per day.
*** What Clothes Should I Wear?
Expect the weather to be hot pretty much all year round.   You should bring along light-weight casual clothing.  You will have no need to bring along a suit, jacket or tie.  Do not bring along t-tops or cutoffs.  Bring a bathing suit.

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