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My name is Gunter:  (817) 423-4554



How long have you been lonely? How much of a difference would it make in your life to come home to an attractive, affectionate, loyal woman who appreciates you? Can you still remember when you believed that your perfect mate was waiting nearby, that you might meet her tomorrow, that you only needed to dream just a little bit longer?
Please Don't Give Up. Right now there are many thousands of sincere, attractive, traditional (and not so traditional) potential mates who are dreaming about you. For those who are frustrated with personals and dating services,bar hopping,or just American women in general, we offer the opportunity to find a loving, beautiful, faithful, companion, who longs to spend their life with someone like you. Don't keep your dream girl waiting...

Over the past two decades, as we have conducted our popular nightlife tours, we have gained a certain expertise in helping tour members find Thai mates..   

Without even advertising it as a separate service, we have helped well over 100 couples get together.  And people keep telling us to make it formal.... So we are.

This site is under construction, but dont let that stop you. Get in on the ground floor and call us to get started, right now.

So lets begin!
(817) 423-4554



Are You Ready?

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My name is Gunter