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Sex Tours

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  • We at GF.Tours run two types of tours:
  • Over the past 18 years, the following topic has come up repeatedly within the context of our tours.  I have my opinions and you have yours.  Lets explore them.

  • Prostitutes (hookers)
  • Adult Tours (sex tours)
    • Thai sex tours
    • Philippine sex tours
    • Cambodian sex tours 
  • Independent Adult Travelers
  • Marriage to ex prostitutes
  • Arrangements that:
    • benefit both client and working girl
    • benefit both wife and husband


Lets Discuss


    Our Opinion      

We firmly believe that prostitution should be made a legal profession with tight licensing and health controls as exists in many European and other countries. In the USA unfortunately it is still illegal, with the exception of a few counties in Nevada.

We feel that this illegality is a huge waste of police manpower, court time, jail space, and taxpayer expense... all to fight something that should be legal in the first place.

 All caring people agree that there are some truly evil things sometimes associated with illegal prostitution, such as exploitation of minors,  disease, and trafficking in human beings.  But these ills are just being made worse by ideology driven organizations which fight to keep the world's oldest profession illegal, instead of fighting for the rights of it's workers, both male and female.

      Our Policy      

There are US laws prohibiting the promotion of prostitution. We fully intend to obey and act within the letter of these laws. Dancers and other club employees CAN be hired as escorts to show you the various sights of the city, act as your tour guide, as a translator (if their English is good enough), etc. They can NOT be hired as sexual companions. We do not in any way promote or encourage this.

  Tell us Your Opinion   

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